Rail Travel Holidays With Undiscovered Destinations

Why take the train?

As travellers we are all aware of the concerns about air travel and the impact that it has on the environment. And at Undiscovered Destinations that is the challenge we face. Should we be promoting trips and destinations that involve considerable amounts of flying? We do so because we need to stay mindful of the role that responsible tourism plays in the global economy and within individual communities. Tourism employs 1 in 10 people globally, and offers opportunities for the poor whose only assets are their culture, environments and ways of life, and for whom most industries are inaccessible. Tourism can also fund and justify protecting and enhancing the world’s cultural and natural diversity when there are often other burning priorities.

We know that for many of our destinations flying cannot be avoided. But we believe that for some of our trips, including many of our European destinations, taking the train to join the tour, rather than a flight, is a practical, affordable and most of all a very enjoyable alternative. Where rail is an option you will find further details and a sample cost in the dates and prices section of the tour. In addition to arranging rail travel from London we can provide advice and organise tickets to depart from other European cities.

Even flying in just one direction will have a very positive benefit on the environment. To compare the emissions for your next trip take a look at this easy to use emissions calculator - https://uic.org/ecopassenger.

To help with your planning here are some tips.

Our Top Rail Travel Tips