Tailor Made Adventure Holidays and Group Tours in Ukraine

Ukraine is a European giant, a vast swathe of land that is inexplicably ignored by most travellers. Scratch the surface of this nation and you will find that there is far more to it than you may have thought. Undiscovered Destinations is proud to offer group tours and tailor made holidays to Ukraine which encompass the very best of this sleeping beauty. Ukraine’s graceful cities are packed full of exquisite architecture and seep religious heritage from every pore. Its mountains are home to traditional villages where the people speak their own language and follow traditions passed down from generations. Explore cave cities, palaces belonging to the descendants of Genghis Khan and walk through pristine countryside home to some of Europe’s most amazing wildlife. Ukraine may not be the obvious choice for a holiday, but when you’ve been you’ll wonder why more don’t visit this neglected corner of Europe.

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Ukraine - A Journey Through Ukraine

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 14 days
Type: GroupSmall group tours with a maximum of 12 travellers

Ukraine offers the intrepid traveller a chance to discover parts of old Eastern Europe and to witness the spectacular architecture of towns such as Kiev and Lviv, alive with a rich and varied history. Our small group tour, heads into the Carpathian Mountains, home to the unique Hutsul people to experience traditional mountain hospitality in a village farmstead and we explore the revolutionary history of Odessa and visit one of the oldest towns in the world!

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