Burma - A Journey through the Golden Land

Burma - Journey through the Golden Land

Style: PioneerGroundbreaking tours to unique destinations
Duration: 16 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers

For the first time in centuries it is possible to cross the border between Burma and Thailand overland. Be one of the first to travel this unique route crossing the Htee Khee border to Dawei which connects the more remote areas of Mon State and Kayin State. We continue to Bagan via the new capital Nay Pyi Daw, before being treated to the fertile lands of the Shan mountains. The final highlight of the trip is to discover an off the beaten track and only recently accessible part of Eastern Shan state where we can interact with many different local tribes. This is an unforgettable overland journey through an exciting and mostly unexplored part of Burma.

Tour Rating 

Fitness ●●●○○ | Off the Beaten Track ●●●●○ | Culture ●●●●● | History ●●●●○ | Wildlife ●●○○○

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