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Often in the news for the wrong reasons, Lebanon has something of an image problem in the west and is often ignored by travellers. For those prepared to look beyond the headlines, they will find a captivating land dripping with the history and culture of some of the world’s greatest civilisations, as well as overwhelming hospitality that is completely at odds with many people’s perceptions of the country. Our group tour and tailor made options in Lebanon explore the very best of the country including incredible historical and archaeological sites, atmospheric souks, crusader castles, sublime cuisine, and superb scenery.  Travel to Lebanon and immerse yourself in a totally different world which casts a spell over you that is hard to escape.

Lebanon - Vineyards and Valleys of Lebanon

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 8 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers

Lebanon was known in the 1960’s as the Switzerland of the Middle East. Today Lebanon has rebuilt itself after a devastating civil war that ended in 1991. This small country extending for only 250km’s North to South and 50 km’s from East to West excels in its diversity of experiences and exceptional sense of hospitality. On our journey we will experience the vibrant city of Beirut, both old and new. However this tour offers much more. Get to grips with the heart of Lebanon as we spend 5 nights out of the big city. We will journey to ancient settlements such as Byblos and Batroun on the shimmering Mediterranean coast, wander through the atmospheric souks of Sidon, and admire the noble emblem of Lebanon: the majestic Cedar Forests of the Chouf Reserve. Stay in a monastery in the lush Qadisha Valley, cook with locals, and enjoy the magnificent food and wine of Lebanon in the fertile Bekaa Valley. For history lovers, standing in front of the magnificent Roman temples of Baalbek (UNESCO) is sure to inspire and delight as well as castles from Crusader times and the UNESCO town of Deir Al Qamar with its excellent examples of grand feudal architecture.  This exciting new tour has something for everyone and in our view should be high on the list of travellers must see destinations.

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