Ghana in Depth

Ghana in Depth

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 15 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers


Day 1 – Accra

Arrive in Accra and transfer to your hotel. Depending on your time of arrival, there may be time to explore this vibrant African capital. Overnight Afia Beach Hotel or similar.

Day 2 - The Shai Hills, from Accra to Aksombo (90 km - 2 hr)

Walking today is approximately 2 hours; altitude: from 120 m to 189 m; level of difficulty: easy.

Today we travel to the eastern side of the country. The Shai Reserve is a comparatively small fenced wild-life park, with a surface of about 52 sq. km and made up largely of savannah covered plains, interspersed with a series of hills. A unique mosaic of forest covers the hills, thicket and grassland with a low stature and dry forest found in intervening canyons. The most popular attractions include the hills themselves and the trails that lead to them. We will walk accompanied by a guide who is well-versed on the history of the Shai tribes who used to live in the hills, as well as on the flora and fauna of the beautiful coastal savannah.

We travel by vehicle to Odumase. The area of Krobo is famous for its beads, and we visit a factory specialised in the production of these beads. Overnight Hotel Aylo’s Bay or similar (BLD)

Day 3 - Lagoon, from Akosombo to Keta (200 km - 4 hr)

We drive down the coastline and leave the main road to explore the lagoons of Keta. We will walk on the beaches and if we are lucky we will be able to see fishermen hauling in their catch. In the town we shall admire the old colonial buildings and we will visit the Fort dating back to 1784. In a remote hidden village we will join a Voodoo ceremony: the frenetic rhythm of the drums and the chants of the adepts help calling in the voodoo spirit who then takes possession of some of the dancers. They fall into a deep trance: eyes rolling back, grimaces, convulsions, insensitivity to fire or pain. Overnight Aborigines Resort or similar (BLD)

Day 4 - Forest, from Keta to Liati (200 km - 4 hr) 

Walking today: approximately 2 hours: level of difficulty: easy.

We drive to the Volta Region and take a lovely walk in the forest lead by a local guide.  We continue by vehicle across a luxuriant region of forest offering beautiful views over mountains and waterfalls. We visit Amedjope, on the slopes of Mt Afadjato - the highest village in the country. Overnight at Mountain Vista Lodge or similar (shared basic facilities) (BLD)

Day 5 - The highest peak, from Liati to Wli (50 km - 1 hr)

Walking today: approximately 2 hours; altitude: from 248 m to 885 m; level of difficulty: moderate.

Today we will climb Mt Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana and part of the Agumatsa Range which runs along the Ghana-Togo border. From the top we enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding communities, forests, mountains, deep valleys, and, in t he distance, also of Lake Volta. The path is quite steep but the rewards are great. During the hike we will also stop at Tagbo Waterfall which flows from an almost circular cliff into a refreshing pool. The forefathers of the current villagers considered the river sacred and still today a number of taboos are associated with it. For example: no fishing in the pool since the spirit of the people is thought to live in it and no washing in the stream on Fridays because the spirit of the river and his children bathe on this day. Overnight Wli Water heights or similar (BLD)

Day 6 - Waterfalls, Wli

Walking today: approximately 4 hours; altitude: from 254 m to 798 m; level of difficulty: moderate.

Today we spend walking in beautiful surrounds to Wli the highest waterfall in Ghana. The hike will allow us to view some of the 200 species of birds and the 400 species of butterflies which have been identified in the region. Overnight Wli Water Heights or similar (BLD)

Day 7 - Savannah, from Wli to Yendi (320 km - 6 hr)

Today we drive northwards, leaving the forest behind and entering the savannah. We transit across a seldom visited region; it is here that the Dagomba live. Overnight Shalom Catholic House or similar (BLD)

Day 8 - Witches, from Yendi to Mole (290 km - 5 hr)

Today we take a track leading to Tamale and along the way we meet a very large settlement of witches exiled from their villages because they have been found guilty of terrible events such as the death of a teenager or for causing a mysterious disease or a bad harvest. We will chat with them about their life and about the special shrine which protects them, “cleaning” their spirit from bad will. Their warm welcome dramatically contrasts with the gravity of the stories that justify them being here. Later we travel to Tamale. Overnight Mole Motel or similar (BLD)

Day 9 - Wildlife safari Mole National Park

Walking today: 2 walking safaris of approximately 2 hours each; altitude: from 150 m to 258 m; level of difficulty: easy.

Today we enjoy two guided walking safaris, early in the morning and late in the afternoon when animals are more active. Overnight Mole Motel or similar (BLD)

Day 10 - Mole to Techiman (300 km - 6 hr)

Walking today: approximately 1 hour; altitude: flat at approximately 350m level of difficulty: easy.

Today we travel south. We visit the lovely Kintampo Waterfalls to admire the waters of the Pumpu River fall from a height of 70 meters down beautiful rocky steps, before they continue their journey towards the Black Volta River. Continue to the Brong Afo region where we leave the main road and follow a track to a sacred forest. The locals living here consider Monas and Colobus monkeys as their totems, as result we can encounter the largest community of these species in the world. During a walk in the forest, accompanied by the emerald green light filtered by the giant trees, we will see plenty of these sacred monkeys. Overnight Encom Hotel or similar – shared basic facilities (BLD)

Day 11 - Kumasi, from Techiman to Kumasi (190 km - 4 hr)

We travel to Kumasi and this afternoon if the opportunity arises we participate in a traditional Ashanti funeral, attended by mourners wearing beautiful red or black togas. We refer to ‘funeral’ but in practice it is a “festive” celebration: the deceased in fact is believed to be still with his/her family and through this ceremony he/she becomes an ancestor. Relatives and friends gather, socialise and celebrate his/her memory. The chief arrives surrounded by his court under the shade of large umbrellas while drums give rhythm to the dancers whose intricate moves are highly symbolic. Overnight Okubi Hotel or similar (BLD)

Day 12 - Royal Festival, Kumasi

This morning we continuev our tour of Kumasi, with a visit to the Royal Palace Museum hosting a unique collection of gold jewels worn by the Ashanti court. We also visit the Ashanti Cultural Centre housing a rich collection of Ashanti artefacts in a wonderful reproduction of an Ashanti house. Overnight Okubi Hotel or similar (BLD)

Day 13 - Kakum National Park, from Kumasi to Kakum (260 km - 5 hr)

Walking today: approximately 1 hour; altitude: from 135 m to 256 m; level of difficulty: easy.

We travel to Kakum National Park and take a walk in the park. After an early dinner, we will reach our tree house where we will spend the night with the sounds of the forest to keep us company. Overnight basic camping in a tree house. Mattresses provided on the floor open to the forest. Basic but unique experience (BLD) 

Day 14 - Kumasi to Elmina – Anomabu (110 km - 2 hr)

Walking today: approximately 1 hour; altitude: from 135 m to 277 m; level of difficulty: easy.

This morning we will experience the thrill of a “canopy walk” right in the deep forest of Kakum National Park: one of the world highest suspended rope bridges held by steel cables. Perched 37 meters (120 feet) above the earth, you will enjoy a stunning view of the rainforest. We travel to Elmina and visit the UNESCO castle with its rich history and in the old town we will see the Posuban, the shrines of the old “Asafo companies” - the warriors who used to put their offerings on the large colourful statues. The alleys in the old town have a very lively atmosphere, bringing us back to a time when Elmina was a busy colonial town. Drive to Anomabu where we overnight. Overnight Anomabu Resort or similar (BLD)

Day 15 - Anomabu to Accra (150 km - 3 hr)

We travel to Accra and visit the National Museum, one of the first works of independent Ghana - the idea inspiring the Museum is to relate Ghanaian art to the rest of the continent and to prove the existence of an African history as part of the general history of humanity. We explore the old quarter of James Town, inhabited by the local population known as the Ga. Late transfer to the airport for your international flight. Day use available until 6pm at a comfortable hotel (B)

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