Kingdoms of Cameroon

Kingdoms of Cameroon

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 14 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers


What do our clients think of our small group adventure holidays?

Undiscovered Destinations was one of the most efficient agencies I had ever dealt with. I am impressed by your prompt responses to any questions or concerns.

This was an amazing trip and I enjoyed it immensely. The other travelers were great company - interesting and great humor. Joseph was a phenomenal guide and resource - always looking out for our best interests.

J Lipton, USA

Joseph in Cameroon was TOPS. He and our driver Prosper made a great team. Since there were just 2 of us, we were with Joseph all the time, including meals. He was very informative, helpful and tried hard to please us (which he did). I just loved him.

Amy Dane USA

Joseph is a superb guide, very friendly and patient. Also a very kind person with a great understanding of Cameroonian customs and tradition.

Nigel Denney UK

We felt that Joseph was an exceptional guide and were impressed with the way he organised the trip to the village.
Jane Baxter, UK

Beautiful and varied scenery. Very friendly people - the stay at Okpwa village was a highlight, and the ceremory installing a new chief was a bonus.

John Duff, UK

It really was a fabulous trip with a real mix of diverse scenes, people, activities and fun.

Rebecca Ryan, UK

Joseph in the south, and Yaya in the north, were excellent guides, as were the drivers. All the vehicles were very satisfactory, especially as in some places the roads were terrible! The resilience and hospitality of the villagers at Okpwa was inspiring.

Colin Buckle, UK

The whole trip was a truly wonderful experience and the local staff were all excellent. Huge thank you to everyone.

Sue Godwin, UK

A fantastic trip. Everything went very well - very nice group; spectacular scenery and culture. Good handicrafts. Your local team was superb - very helpful and attentive, considerate, efficient, and informed.

Alan Amos, UK

A very enjoyable time- the trip was good value for money.Would like to reiterate my thanks for Jim's help in rearranging the outbound flight after the weather caused the cancellation of the original departure and the offer to cover additional expenses required to travel to a different airport. 

Paul Squires, UK