Small Group Tours in Bhutan

The tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan offers a tantalising glimpse into what much of the region was once like, replete with still functioning medieval monasteries and a landscape to take your breath away. Our small group tour allows travellers to delve into the culture and history of this beautiful country, where national dress is still worn and ancient traditions strongly adhered to. With just a few privileged visitors allowed to enter each year, travelling through Bhutan is like stepping back in time to a land largely untainted by the 21st century. In our increasingly homogenous world, Bhutans proud sense of national identity is a refreshing change in comparison to some of its neighbours, and offers a taste of an authentic and traditional lifestyle that has been extinguished elsewhere.

Why not consider combining Bhutan with our tour of Nepal? Our Highlights of Nepal tour is scheduled to take place immediately before our tours in Nepal.

Bhutan - Festival Tour

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 13 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers

Journey through one of the remotest parts of the Himalayas to explore medieval monasteries and get to grips with Bhutan’s fascinating living traditions and complex religious heritage. Starting and ending in Paro one of the many highlights of this tour is the opportunity to attend one of the interesting cultural Bhutanese festivals where you will be able to interact with  the local people and experience age old customs and traditions. Of course, any visit to Bhutan must also include the stunning Tiger’s Nest Monastery and we have a full day here.

The tours which begins 3rd November 2019 and in November 2020 includes the Black Necked Crane Festival in the stunning Phobjikha Valley. This the main itinerary featured on the website.

The tour which begins in March 2020 includes the Punakha Festival (Tsechu).  Please contact us for the itinerary.  

The tour which begins in May 2020 includes the small and local Ura Festival in the Bumthang region. Please contact us for the itinerary. 

The tour which begins in September 2020 includes the Tangbi Mani Festival in the Bumthang region. Please contact is for the itinerary. 

Tour Rating 

Fitness ●●●●○ | Off the Beaten Track ●●●●○ | Culture ●●●●○ | History ●●●●● | Wildlife ○○○○○

*Note - fitness 3/5 if not doing the Tiger's Nest Monastery hike

Bhutan - (Private) Discover Bhutan

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 13 days
Type: PrivateExclusive departures for you, your friends and family

Discover the land of the thunder dragon, Bhutan, where gross national happiness is considered more important than gross national product. The country stretches from subtropical valleys and plains to snowcapped mountain ranges. This landscape makes it the perfect place to trek through the majestic valleys or steep mountains to visit ancient architecture and Buddhist temples. Our 13 day private tour takes in the highlights of this rarely visited country including Bumthang Valley, with its apple orchards, dairy farms, potato patches, and rice and buckwheat fields and the world famous Tiger's Nest – also known as Taktsang, it is said to be the most spiritual place in Bhutan. 

Tour Rating 

Fitness ●●●○○ | Off the Beaten Track ●●●○○ | Culture ●●●●○ | History ●●●●● | Wildlife ○○○○○