Asia and Pacific - Small Group Tours and Holidays

Stretching from the Urals to Indonesia, Asia encompasses a wealth of experiences that are hard to equal, a continent full of wonder with surprises at every turn. Marvel at the elegant architecture of Samarkand and Bukhara in Uzbekistan or watch spectacular sunsets over centuries old pagodas in Bagan, Burma. Search for tigers in Bangladesh, camp overnight near a flaming gas crater in Turkmenistan and travel along the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Witness the exuberant local culture of Sulawesi or uncover the pristine rainforests of Borneo. Undiscovered Asia is waiting.

Or discover a vast area of the Pacific, taking in Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. We meet the local people, learn about their traditions and culture, and explore tropical landscapes.

We offer a wide range of small group tours and holidays including tailor-made itineraries. Below is a list of our current destinations. Contact us for tailor-made options in all these countries.

Bangladesh - Bangladesh Discovery, 15 day small group tour  

Bhutan - The 12 Day Festival Tour and a 13 day Private Discover Bhutan Tour

Borneo - Borneo Explorer, 12 day private  tour and Borneo Discovery, 12 day private tour

Burma (Myanmar) - Beyond the Tourist Trail, 15 day small group tour and Classic Burma, 10 day private tour 

China - Forgotten Cities of the Silk Road, 14 day small group tour

East Timor - East Timor Discovery, 14 day private tour

India - The Last Frontiers of India - Nagaland Hornbill Festival, 13 day small group tour and Ladakh and Kashmir - The Hemis Festival, 15 day small group tour

Indonesia - Sulawesi Explorer, 15 day small group tour 

Japan and South Korea - The Best of japan and South Korea 16 day escorted tour

Kyrgyzstan - Along the Pamir Highway, 16 day small group adventure tour

Laos and Cambodia A Journey to Forever Mountain, 16 day small group tour

Laos and Vietnam - Treasures of the North, 16 day small group tour

Mongolia - Naadam Festival - Off the Tourist Trail, 14 day group tour

Pacific - Pacific Explorer, 27 day small group tour

Philippines - Emerald Terraces of the Cordillera, 15 day small group tour

Russia - Kamchatka Discovery, 13 day small group adventure tour and Altai Discovery Siberian tour for 12 days 

Sri Lanka - Northern Explorer, 15 day small group tour

Tajikistan - Along the Pamir Highway, 16 day small group tour

Turkmenistan - Turkmenistan Encompassed, 15 day small group tour

Uzbekistan - The Heart of the Silk Road, 15 day small group tour